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Warranty Policy

Goods purchased from Cash-In-A-Dash will fulfill the following criteria:

  • The goods purchased are of satisfactory quality.
  • The goods are fit for all purposes for which they are supplied.
  • The goods are safe and durable.
  • That where any written description is applied to goods, the goods match that description.

[If the above are breached, the customer may be entitled to certain remedies which include refund, repair or replacement.]

  • Second hand stock worth less than £100 will have a warranty of 28 days.
  • Second hand stock worth over £99.99 will have a warranty of 90 days.
  • Reconditioned stock will have a warranty of 6 months
  • New/graded stock will have a warranty of 12 months.

Returns Policy

All returns are subject to testing. Once tested faulty items brought back within 28 days will qualify for a refund, repair or replacement at the customers discretion. All returns brought back after 28 days will qualify for a repair or replacement. The repair will not exceed 6 weeks. When an exact replacement cannot be provided we will provide a 'like for like' unit with at least comparable specifications. Upgrades can be discussed with the customer at the managers discretion. Partial refunds are also available upon request worked out as a percentage of the warranty. For example a return 3 months from the sale with a 12 month warranty will receive a 75% partial refund if the customer will not accept a repair or replacement.

Please note that all customer returns are subject to testing to corroborate any fault. In rare occasions a period of 7 days is required for technical inspection to corroborate certain faults with more intricate technical items. The Cash-In-A-Dash warranty will be void if the item is deemed to have been intentionally damaged or misused.

Cash-In-A-Dash will strictly adhere to the guidelines set out by trading standards with respect to trade practices and warranties.

Nothing in this policy shall affect the statutory rights of any consumer.